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Why Direct Primary Care is better than Traditional Medicine.

Traditional healthcare and direct primary care (DPC) differ dramatically in their potential effects on your overall health and the type of care you receive. Traditional healthcare provides treatment when you are sick and is often controlled by what is, or is not, covered by your healthcare insurance plan. DPC focuses on the whole you, with personalized, preventive care programs that ensure your future health without the limitations of a third party. 

The Traditional Treadmill Effect: Traditional medical practices often rely heavily on reimbursements from healthcare insurance companies in order to survive. The result is often overcrowded waiting rooms, difficulty obtaining treatment, and short office visits focused only on the illness that is presenting itself at the moment. Traditional physicians are often forced to keep turning patients over quickly to maximize the amount of patients treated each day to keep their practice afloat. Many physicians today are finding themselves suffering from burnout due to the high paced environment and low reimbursement rates, while patients are questioning the availability and quality of their care. 

The Direct Primary Care Alternative: An alternative to the traditional model of healthcare. DPC was created to ensure access along with the highest level of personalized care, while allowing a physician to maintain a viable practice. Patients receive the time they need, when they need it, allowing for preventative care and decreased chances of future hospitalization.

More Time For You And Your Future: DPC doctors limit the number of patients they take on, allowing them to spend as much time as needed for the best possible preventative and diagnostic care available. An average traditional practice doctor may see anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000 patients per year, whereas a DPC practice is often around 500 patients. This dramatic reduction allows the doctor to expand their services to the patient.

Freedom To Treat: Time and Freedom are the keystones of DPC. Many third party billing systems also require doctors to treat certain illnesses certain ways in additions to how many patients they must see each year. DPC doctors have the freedom to treat you the way you deserve and with what works for you. The benefits being more TIME for you, the patient, which gives the physician a greater opportunity to catch illnesses, control existing conditions, and reduce the incidence of hospitalization.

A New Standard of Care: As the Affordable Care Act reaches full implementations nationwide, traditional healthcare will face many challenges. There are predictions of the physician shortage, that we are currently experiencing, will continue to grow as more patients enter the marketplace. Patients who are dissatisfied with the access to, or the quality of, their healthcare provider will have an alternative solution: Direct Primary Care. DPC will continue to grow and gain popularity among patients that value the patient-centered focus that a concierge doctor provides.

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